Christina Carroll, born in Los Angeles in 1960, grew up in one of Southern California’s rustic canyons. Early on she found a companion and teacher in the natural world that surrounded her. It invited her to look closely, teaching peace and giving inspiration. Through nature’s behavior and rhythms, there was a wisdom suggested: In a sometimes chaotic world, logic and peace might be found by looking closely and openly at things. Carroll’s creative expression in response to nature closely presented itself in both image and words, strengthening an intuition that art, and looking closely, was her intense interest.

Following a B.A. in Studio Art/Design and Art History from Connecticut College, she was introduced to monotype printmaking at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Museum School in Boston. The monotype process triggered a delightful synthesis of the artist’s intrinsic qualities and temperament.

Sometimes ideas and emotions expressed while inking the plate indulge a free, unordered, untamed and impulsive energy. And in the finished print, with its pristine edges and clean borders so crisp and polite, another satisfaction is found in its neat balance. Both impulse and order indulged, neither judged.

Over the years, Carroll pursued coursework in book arts, drawing and graphic design from Massachusetts College of Art, DeCordova Museum School in Boston and Sir John Cass School of Art in London. She is currently affiliated with the American Print Alliance, Sebastopol Center for the Arts and the Cambridge Art Association. The monotype’s printed image continues to be a foundation in her work as she explores three-dimensional forms, artist books and cut paper collage.

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