My affinity for art and printmaking has its genesis in an atmosphere that encouraged artistic experimentation. Both parents were at ease in a variety of expression which included pastel, pen and ink, Ivory soap carving, story writing and bookmaking. Narrative story, and the notion of capturing moments of tranquility in nature, were interests early sparked.

In my work, I present a moment in a narrative. A tranquil drama, often involving the natural world, human form or domestic object, invites the viewer to be both witness and participant in the story. A unique perspective, stemming from personal memory and experience, allows each viewer to complete the narrative in a different way.

Spontaneity and potential for sequence continue to draw me to the medium of monotype. Variables (such as the pressure of the press, dampness of the paper, and atmospheric conditions) influence the process as much as my own participation. Thus, the end result is often somewhat of a surprise!

This element of creative spontaneity serves as a great reminder to the artist: Bring patience and concentration to the effort, yet soften expectation. Honor the process, respecting all of the properties involved, without the passing of judgement.

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